Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tibetan Horoscope for the Water Dragon Year (2012)

Tibetan Horoscope for the Water Dragon Year (2012)*


One of the ways to calculate the horoscope in Tibetan Astrology is to compare the elements of so called 5 Forces of our zodiac animal/element pair with the elements of the particular year.

The 5 Forces are life, body, capacity, fortune and protective energy.

The functioning of our 5 forces is determined by the level of harmony or disharmony between our elements and the elements of the year.

The relationship between the elements can be as the mother, child, friend, enemy or no relationship (in case of the same elements). The mother relationship means the harmony between the elements is excellent, the friend relationship means the harmony is very good, child relationship is neutral ang brings neither harmony or disharmony, the enemy relationship is very bad and brings obstacles. When the elements are the same the relationship can be either positive (in case of earth and water) or negative (in case of fire, wood and metal).

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